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Where does NTXL work out?

NTXL does not have a "home" pool.  Therefore we have $0 DUES. Our members swim with their own work out groups or swim on their own.  We gather together as a team when we compete in USMS meets.

Who is in charge of the team?

ME.  My name is Lynn Morrison, and I am the "coordinator" - - which means disseminating information, ordering NTXL apparel, putting together relays and anything else to insure "fun and good times" for all!  Plus I am a certified Level 3 Masters Coach always willing to provide stroke and training feedback when asked.

Can anyone join NTXL?

Any person 18 or over is welcome to affiliate with NTXL during their USMS registration process.  If you are currently unattached or belong to another team, you may change your affiliation (at no charge) to NTXL by sending the following in an email to Dave Young (irondave@gmail.com), the North Texas LMSC Registrar:  “The last day on which I competed for my former club was _________________________ (Month/Date/Year). I hereby certify that it has been at least 60 days since I last competed for my former club. If I am entering a USMS National Championship event, the 60 days will be up by the first day of the National Championship Meet.”