About Us

North Texas Lonestars (NTXL) is a group of masters swimmers who like to go to meets – and swim relays,

relays, relays! We all train in various locations, with different teams, or on our own. But we affiliate

with NTXL as our USMS membership, so we can belong to a larger group of swimmers.  We like to

participate in competitions, like to have a group to sit with, and cheer with, and like to have the

opportunity to swim in relays. There are no fees to belong to NTXL and all United States Masters Swimmers (USMS) are welcome. Click here to join USMS and affiliate with North Texas Lonestars (NTXL).

My name is Lynn Morrison, and I am the “coordinator” of the team. We started NTXL for the short

course meters meet at The Woodlands in November 2015 and have been growing strong since. In April

2018 we had 22 swimmers and 20 relays racing at the Spring Zone meet in Austin, and 17 of those

relays made the USMS 2018 National SC Top Ten! We have broken over 10 National and World relay

records and over 20 Zone relay records.

If you have any questions or want to join – just click the "Get in Touch" button


"Age, cunning, deceit and treachery can defeat youth and skill."

Unknown masters swimmer


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